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Product Description:

Rain or shine, wet or dry, the Numatic George Canister Vacuum, model GVE370, is the "All-in-One" vacuum from Numatic. Its amphibious characteristics and capabilities may have given George his green color, but they also give his owners the most dynamic and versatile use of any canister vacuum! The powerful TwinFlo motor allows for gargantuan suction force that leaves carpets, hardwood floors, dry messes, and wet messes quivering in fear at the approaching suction nozzle, flanked by that big, friendly smile on the canister. Once picked up, debris travels to the Numatic George vacuum bags, where they reside until their untimely disposal. Rather than spend extra money, time, and space getting different appliances for each type of cleaning, invest in George, the kind, helpful green machine from Numatic vacuum cleaners!

With the incredible features and capabilities of the George Vacuum Cleaner GVE370, to-be owners and customers cannot go wrong with their purchase when they choose George out of the happy, smiling, multicolored Numatic Vacuum Cleaner lineup. With HepaFlo filtration, a TwinFlo motor, incredible measurements of suction power, an 88 foot reach with the power cord and hose working together to make your canister vacuum cleaner experience an absolute joy. Not sure if you want the responsibility of a pet, like a dog or cat? Order the George Vacuum and you'll have the most helpful, happiest pet on the block!



Motor Twinflo 
Motor Power 1200 W
Power120 V 
Suction [Water Lift]98 inches 
Capacity Dry 4 Gal 
Capacity Wet 2.3 Gal 
Capacity Extraction 1.5 Gal
Cleaning Range 88 Feet
Weight 19.4 lb 
Size 14x14x20 inches
Warranty     10 Years 


Inside the Box:

  • 10 Year Warranty

    • Comes with Accessory Kit A26A
      • 6 foot Nuflex Bayonet Hose
      • 10 foot CleanTec Extraction Hose
      • Stainless Steel Extraction Trigger Bend Wand
      • Stainless Steel Lower Nozzle Extraction Wand
      • Stainless Steel Extension Wand
      • 12" Combo Rug/Floor Tool
      • 11" Fishtail Extraction Nozzle
      • 12" Dual Scrub/Wet Pick Up Tool
      • 4" Upholstery Extraction Nozzle

Numatic George Wet/Dry Cansister GVE370

SKU: 838670
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