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Product Description:


Keeping a large commercial facility clean can be a difficult, time-consuming task. With this ProTeam wet / dry vacuum cleaner, you'll have everything you need for the job! To make things easier, the vacuum features an impressive 20 gallon capacity and a center wheel for effortless maneuvering. It's equipped with a powerful motor, a fine dust particle filter, and a wet filter to ensure long-lasting, superior performance. Plus, it comes standard with an assortment of convenient attachments, from a 10 foot long hose to a 11" crevice tool, so that every nook and cranny is within reach.

This vacuum comes with a 1 1/2" diameter static dissipating vacuum hose, two Intercept Micro filters, and a 50' extension cord so you can clean a wide area of floor space before having to find a new outlet. The vacuum harness is designed with ergonomic, mountaineering style backpack technology to distribute weight across the hips for user comfort.

Kit Includes:

A 10 foot long 1 1/2" diameter vacuum hose, 50 foot extension cord, and additional tools are included to handle an array of jobs. The 11" crevice tool and 56" two-piece, two-bend aluminum wand with a button lock make getting into small corners easy, while the squeegee tool and 14" hard floor tool with nylon brush make cleaning floors a simple process. There's even a 3" dust brush with reducer for your convenience.

ProTeam ProGuard 20Gal. Wet-Dry Vacuum 107131

SKU: 107131
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